Cyprus is an island with year-round appeal, thanks to a number of factors that combine to make it interesting, fun and varied for divers and non-divers alike; whether travelling alone, as a couple or with groups of family or friends.

Aside from the amazing underwater experiences that the crystal clear waters and world-renowned wreck sites offer divers, the island is also abundant in many other sights and activities – both in and out of the water!

Family Attractions

Families are perfectly catered for with a host of attractions and activities for all ages. During the summer months, the golden coastline with safe, clean and shallow waters is a favourite option, alongside splashing fun at the island’s three themed water parks in Ayia Napa, Paphos and Limassol.

Furry friends also await at the various animal parks across the island, including zoos, a camel park and donkey parks, whilst playgrounds and municipal parks are a great choice for outdoor play.

When you prefer an indoor activity, the island has a plethora of museums and galleries that will delight, from motor and train to natural history and fairytale. And with multiple indoor play areas that provide hours of fun climbing around in a colourful world of padded apparatus, there simply cannot be a dull moment!

Outdoor Pursuits

With its favourable climate, Cyprus is an island where outdoor pursuits in nature can be enjoyed to the fullest. In contrast to the golden coastlines, the Troodos mountain range is the island’s ‘green heart’; another world where designated hiking and cycling trails unfold to encompass forests, waterfalls and rare flora and fauna along the way. Bird watching promises many rewards too, especially at the salt lakes in Limassol and Larnaca, where the annual return of flocks of migrating flamingos – and other rare and protected bird species – is a much awaited sight.

Sporting Activities

Aside from diving, there are a myriad of wonderful sports to enjoy both on and in the temperate seawaters. Along the coastline, water sports operators offer a range of different water sports from fun inflatable rides to thrilling kite surfing and jet skiing. On land, the beautiful scenery and fantastic year-round temperatures are ideal for almost any kind of sport, from a round at the awarded golf courses in Paphos, to team sports and compax shooting at the different world-class sporting facilities across the island.

Gastronomy & Wine

The ritual of sharing good, fresh local cuisine is an important part of the island’s culture and Cyprus enjoys an abundance of freshly grown fruits, vegetables and crops. Enjoy one of the many opportunities to learn about the production of traditional food, such as Halloumi cheese, village bread and different local desserts in the quaint villages, which all have their own unique speciality and hold themed festivals to celebrate their harvests. Wine making is particularly active in the mountainous villages and you can tour the wineries or follow one of the designated wine routes.

Wellness & Pampering

The island is conducive to wellbeing with its warm and relaxing vibe. Aside from recharging your batteries by lounging on the beach, Cyprus has many award-winning spas where you can indulge in some restorative pampering, as well as a thriving medical tourism industry that makes recuperating a pleasure.

History & Culture

With over 10,000 years of history, Cyprus is a treasure trove of historical wonders from the many ancient archaeological sites and museums to explore, to religious monuments that chart the island’s route to Christianity. The traditional architecture – including houses, churches, castles, aqueducts, bridges and other monuments - tells stories of the many different conquerors and the footprint they left on the island. Embark on one of the religious routes to discover Cyprus’ many ornate and invaluable churches and monasteries, or one of the fascinating cultural routes that will immerse you in various elements of the island’s rich history.

For further information on all the wonderful things you can enjoy when visiting Cyprus, visit the Cyprus Tourism Organisation’s website.